Hello! I’m Jennifer and welcome to the Ginger Peach Studio. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your time here and find my shenanigans interesting. I’m a mom who loves to make pretty things, eat lots of ice cream, and live a hand-crafted life. Priorities include kids, husband, family, friends, sewing, and ice cream…in that order.


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  1. Hello! I saw your work on Instagram and made my way over to your website. Will you open your etsy shop again in the future? I love your beautiful work!

    • Thank you so much! There’s a chance I will sell items from time to time but most likely I will sell them on Instagram or directly from my site. I don’t have any dates set as of now but I will for sure post all info about it on Insta before it happens so you can be in the loop.

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    I walked into Authorized Vac and Sew this afternoon and saw “Tumbling Paint Box” hanging on the wall! Love, love, love it. . . enough to sign up for your class! I am a modern quilter, so I’m always thrilled to meet another one! Looking forward to your class!

    • Hi Mindy. The pattern I used to make the Navajo Baby quilt is actually not mine. It’s called Navajo Serape by quilter J. Michelle Watts. I purchased the pattern a long time ago and to my knowledge the small version has not been available for some time. There is, however, the exact same quilt pattern available in a bed sized version. The pattern is designed as a BOM pieced by rows. my version utilizes some of the rows and then they are mirrored on the other side to make it symmetrical. Here is a link to the currently available pattern on her website: Navajo Serape Quilt

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    I am currently undertaking a 2-year quilt judging course with the Quilters Guild of the British Isles. As part of our studies, we are required to maintain a Journal throughout the two years.
    I am finding your posts about how you have created your quilts really fascinating. I wonder if you would give me permission to use some of the images on your blog in my Journal? This is purely for personal study, it won’t be published anywhere and won’t be online.
    I’d be very grateful!
    Best wishes,

  4. Do you have a PDF about the changes you’ve made to the sewing machine cover? I find it very clever that you used steel rods on the bottom. I use vehicle headliner fabric (JoAnn’s Fabrics, 54″ wide, $15 a yard) for all my bags and totes. It will not lose it’s shape like batting will. I’ve ordered your pattern. Can’t wait to make it.

    • Hi Sue! I’m so glad you liked my upgrades to the pattern. Thank you. Unfortunately I do not have a PDF about the changes just the blog post you see here. The original pattern is not mine. It was made by TheRainbowHare on Etsy so it wouldn’t be right for me remake the pattern. I can’t wait to see your version!

  5. Hello! This is such a long shot, but I was wondering if you take orders for the custom die cut you used to create the clamshell pillows with the Observer favric- I think they are just the most beautiful things and I would LOVE to make them, but I don’t have a die cutter, and I can’t imagine getting them to look right otherwise. Either way, I think your work is incredible, thank you for sharing!!

    • Thank you Kristen! Unfortunately I don’t think I have enough fabric left to make two more shams. I will check and let you know. If I do, I could possibly cut you a kit. I would only have the clamshells though, not the white background. Also, I don’t have a pattern written up for them or anything. It would just be the pre-cut pieces and no instructions but if you’re game for that I can certainly make it happen. 🙂

  6. Hi Jenn,

    I would like info on making your pieced clamshells. I know you won’t have time to teach a class, so I was wondering if I could purchase the custom die(s) you had made thru Custom Shape Pros and maybe get an overview of how it’s put together. I would pay you for your time. Thanks!

    • Unfortunately at this time I don’t. I made that quilt top a few years ago without a pattern and I can’t remember now how I did it. Its possible there will be a pattern in the future but at this time I’m not sure when that would happen.

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